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Ultimate Guitar Tone

ultimateguitartone.com is a valuable resource dedicated to all DIY musicians.

We search for valuable, honest answers to our musical instrument resource questions.

  • Where can I find great deals on guitar effect pedals?
  • How do I repair my electric guitar or amp? 
  • How do I modify my effect pedal?
  • How do I upgrade my pickups? 
  • What is a truss rod and how does it work? 
  • How do I write a hit song? 
  • What can I expect when I begin studio recording?

Lets share our experiences with DIY guitar repairs, and...

  • Build better instruments
  • Make better music
  • Create the ultimate sonic experience for ourselves and our listeners!
  • DIY Resources

That's what Ultimate Guitar Tone is here for... The ultimate DIY Musician Resource!


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