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Information: I have been working on musical instruments for well over 35 years. I just did it out of necessity usually, and because I'm kinda nerdy like that! I have transformed my love for the guitar, and everything that surrounds it into this website, and my personal collection of guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers, rack gear, recording studio gear, and more. I have a problem keeping anything around very long anymore, because I'm getting stuff, tearing it down, taking pictures, reviewing it, reassembling it, tweaking it and re-selling it to fuel the next project!

I personally welcome you to sign up, hit the ultimate guitar tone forum and start posting [FORUM IS DOWN TEMPORARILY] ... We have simple rules. Follow them and we're all good.

Send an email if you have any questions, or even any answers! I do respond to every email personally, and will continue to for as long as I can! I can post your stuff for you, or you can login and post it for yourself! Send guitar, bass, amp, and effects pictures! I'll host it all... FREE!

scotty AT ultimateguitartone DOT com

We at http://www.ultimateguitartone.com are on the ULTIMATE GUITAR TONE QUEST, and I'd love to hear from you personally about anything related to the QUEST!

I especially love to hear about cool guitar, bass, amp, and effects projects that others are working on!

Please replace the AT and DOT with the appropriate symbols.

It sure is frustrating to get a zillion spams from dum-dums - ya know?

p.s. We hate SPAM. When you sign up, we'll contact you once in a while, about once or twice per month. I'm working on a newsletter, and you'll be notified when that starts.


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