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Effect Pedal Mod Kits

Effect Pedal Mod Kits

I keep my Effect Pedal Mods and Mod Kits search current for eBay listings. You'll find the majority of listings for effect pedal mods and kits are right here, right now. Pedal Mods on eBay

When it comes to Effect Pedal Mods on eBay.com, take your time to find the best deal and don't get caught up in all the excitement of bidding for your item! I have found that patience is the key when shopping on eBay. I have scored some amazing deals for effect pedals, guitars, bass guitars, guitar and bass parts, pedal mods, M-Audio studio and midi controller components, studio reference amps, and more!

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MXR Distortion + Mods (Tone and Distortion)

MXR Distortion + Mods

MXR M-104 Distortion + pic

MXR Distortion + (the newer M-104 Dunlop model)

Stock from MXR, this distortion effect pedal comes with a .047uf capacitor (C4) and 2 1n34a germanium diodes (D1&D2).

When I first tested the MXR M-104 Distortion +, I found this distortion pedal to be a bit thin and nasaly sounding, and it lacked my desired bottom end.  The distortion quality also sounds a bit scratchy for my taste.

So I tore into this little dude and figured out the electronic components that I needed to de-solder and change out so I could achieve my desired guitar tone results. 

My tone and distortion + MXR guitar effect pedal mod follows:

DOD YJM308 Mod

DOD YJM308 Mod

I decided to do an effect pedal mod on my DOD YJM308 Preamp Overdrive pedal. The WARM mod is fairly simple, and changes the clipping diodes. Remember, you are agreeing that you assume all responsibility for your choice to do this work. Please read our disclaimers. They apply here.

Tools and Parts Needed for DOD YJM308 WARM Mod

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder Wick or Solder Sucker (I use a Radio Shack 45w solder sucker very carefully)
  • Solder
  • 2 - small LED diodes
  • Phillips #2 screwdriver
  • 10 mm Hex Nut Driver (or wrench)

    DOD YJM308 Mod Instructions

    This effect pedal mod is very simple. Replace the 2 diodes with 2 LEDs. The result is quite nice. WARM pedal mod steps follow:

  •
    Ibanez TS5 Mods

    Ibanez TS5 Mods

    Ibanez TS5 Mod picThe IBANEZ Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal line is a great tone addition to any electric guitarist, even on a limited budget! 

    The TS5 and TS7 models are no slouches when compared to other overdrive units out there!   (Analogman said it right when referring to the TS5 pedal as cheesy.)

    The Ibanez TS5 (sound tank) is a nice budget pedal when these mods are applied!

    Here is the Ibanez TS5 mod in detail:

     I have included a chart of components in this effect pedal mod article.  In addition to the electronic components listed in the photo, I removed the original op amp and soldered an 8-pin chip socket in its place so the chip can be changed out if desired.

    De-Mystifying Effect Mods!

    De-Mystifying Effect Mods

    Boss Distortion DS-1 pic

    Come join us as we take the mystery out of guitar effect modifications!   I am certain that during your quest for the ultimate guitar tone you have stumbled upon (or intentionally found) information on guitar effect pedal mods.

    There are a few sources that are pretty reliable, and on the other hand there are some folks who are making a bunch of money by feeding the hype.  Let's look closer at the truth surrounding electric guitar effect pedal modifications!

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