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Agile AL-3000 tobacco burst
Agile AL-3000 Tobacco Burst Flame

I purchased this new Agile guitar and a snake skin case. I really like the pictured Douglas LP brown lined case, too!


Agile AL-3100 Spalted Maple


I've had the guitar for a few months now, and very simply put... I LOVE IT! This thing played like butter right out of the box. I tweaked the intonation just a bit, and set the action slightly lower to suit my taste. This Agile AL-3100 electric guitar is outstanding. I'd put it in the hands of ANY Gibson Les Paul owner, and believe (after they got past the brand name ego) anyone would have to say it is very well made, and sounds like a much more expensive les paul.

Fit and finish - The mahogany body is solid, and the spalted maple top is beautifully figured. Everyone who sees it compliments the look of this Agile guitar. There is only one thing that is a non-problem really, and that is the slight difference in shade or coloration of the neck mahogany, and the body mahogany. Other than that slight mis-match, the guitar is beautiful. All the parts function as expected, the pickups are nice and hot. They drive both tube amplifiers and solid state nicely. Add an OD, distortion, chorus, etc and you are well on your way to sonic heaven with this Agile AL-3100 electric guitar! Get one.

Well... That's my highly biased review especially after playing it for a while now. Best $380 I've ever spent, period. The Douglas case is really nice, fits the AL-3100 snug, and the snake skin exterior is really cool looking. Wonderful electric guitar case for the Agile electric guitar!

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