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Fernandes Sustainer System

Fernandes Sustainer

I finally got my hands on a Fernandes Revolver Pro guitar. This Pro model was manufactured in 1996 and is a beautiful green color. I guess you would call it Forest Green or Kelly Green. Not sure. I can't find much about this guitar on the internet, so I'll be documenting mine right here!

I picked mine up from Austin Craigslist. Yet another $100 score from there! I figure I can sell the neck for that, it's is such nice shape. Anyway... This Fernandes Revolver Pro wasn't in such pro-shape when I got it. The previous owner stated the output jack needed some work. I bought it knowing that.

Fernandes Revolver Pro (Circa 1996)

It had new strings, but everything was dirty, dusty and some parts were corroded a bit, too. So I elected to disassemble this Fernandes Revolver Pro and see what makes it so special!

Note: This article is a work in progress, so I will be adding to it over the next week or so. That will make it easier to document the tear-down, rebuild, troubleshoot, fix process. Stay tuned (ha ha)...

Fernandes Sustainer DiagramThe patented FERNANDES SUSTAINER system is a highly sought after upgrade to any guitar. 

Artists like Steve Vai, the Edge and Steve Lukather use the Fernandes Sustainer system to create amazing lead guitar solos with un-compromising sustain and perfectly controlled feedback.

The FERNANDES SUSTAINER pickup is installed in the neck position.  When activated, it generates a magnetic field which vibrates the strings indefinitely.  This works in conjunction with the bridge humbucking pickup and the Sustainer Circuit Board. 

The result is infinite sustain, completely controllable with the mode switch, volume and tone pots.

I should mention the eBow here, because it is a portable hand-held device that does the same thing, however only effects one string at a time.  It is also not a part of your guitars electronic circuit.

The Fernandes Sustainer is powered by a 9-Volt battery, and any upgrade to your non-Fernandes-Sustainer equipped gear will require some modifications.  Please read any & all instructions completely prior to starting any upgrade to your existing guitar.  You'll be glad you did!

Hey - If you have installed one of these, and have some pics, please shoot the story our way - We'd be glad to post it here for you!

Quest on and on and on and on ... [clik]

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